Junior Music Makers (Monday afternoons) to finish

But the LITTLE Music Makers are still going strong!

I am sorry to have to announce that there will only be two more sessions of Junior Music Makers on Monday afternoons. I’ve taken the decision to let you know this now because I don’t feel it would be right to continue as if all is fine and then just spring it on you when you arrive at the final session on the 23rd.

I know that what we’ve been doing has been of great worth in young peoples’ musical development, and I feel what we’ve achieved – with such a young clientele – has been really good. I don’t intend to “go quietly into the night” – I intend to put on the best two sessions of Junior Music Makers we’ve ever had over the next two weeks, and to go out on a real high.

I would like to apologise if you, or far more importantly, any of the kids feel let down by this decision. I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported Junior Music Makers and tried their very best to spread the word about what we’ve been doing.

The next, and penultimate session of Junior Music Makers will be this Monday, 16th May, 4.00 to 4.30pm in The Youth Centre at St Clements.

I hope to see you there.

Thank you for your understanding,


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