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Last Orders before the Summer Mash Up …

Next week is the last of our normal timetable before we switch over to Summer Mondays. It’s always interesting to see who makes it along at this time of the year. So if you’re around, come and join us.
The Music Makers sessions for next week will be as follows:

  • Monday 17th July 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Wednesday 19th 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Thursday 20th 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in the Youth Centre at St Clement’s

After this week we head into our series of Summer Monday Sessions. The dates and times for this year are as follows:

  • Monday 24th July, Monday 31st July, Monday 7th August and Monday 14th August.
  • Two sessions per day – 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45

All sessions to take place in The Main Theatre at The Edge. (Buggy park downstairs – probably Studio 2).
These sessions have a different vibe to our term time offering, with the welcome return of some old hands alongside their younger siblings.

Other matters:

Deep controversy and discord on Thursday Morning!! (Not really – but it sounds good!)
I Can Sing a Rainbow – order of colours??? Different polarised opinions – (a bit like marmite or Brexit).
First part easy – not a problem – “red and yellow and pink and green” – the next part is the one causing problems – “Orange and Purple and Blue” or “Purple and Orange and Blue”???
I applied to the European Court of Music Rights for a ruling in this matter – (a legal process involving listening to as many versions as I could find on Youtube) – and the results are in:
It’s a landslide decision – by 83% – including CBBC – in favour of – Purple and Orange and Blue!
Now we’re not into “the people have spoken” and all that guff – if anyone wants to rebel that’s absolutely fine – we’ll just have a brief “Charles Ives” moment whenever we sing this song. (I’ll explain that reference to anyone who’s interested when I see you).
So, I hope to see you along next week or at some point over the summer.

Senior Moments and Young Guns

Senior Moment:
So I almost metaphorically dropped the baby last Wednesday.

I turn up to set up – loads of time – feeling un-stressed – until one of my worst possible nightmare scenarios starts to manifest itself. I don’t have the tablet computer that plays the music with me! Massive adrenalin dump, full-on panic. I dive into the car and return to Stretford to get the device, it’s not to be found. On my way back to Chorlton I frantically try to download relevant music playing app onto my phone. (No, I had never properly “disaster planned” for this scenario – doh!!). The app on phone works – thank goodness – session starts a couple of minutes late, with me a frazzled wreck, trying to look calm. Then of course, half way through the session – after having played the dance music via my phone – the *!^*$%^”** tablet device miraculously “re-materialises” under the big carrying bag next to the bluetooth player.

I felt like retiring to a darkened room and ignoring the world for the rest of the day. C’est la vie!
Young Gun:
At the other end of the human life cycle, it’s fantastic to see so many people growing up so fast! This was epitomised at last Thursday’s late session by a certain young chap – who last time I looked was hardly mobile – strolling over to the three year old female youth club, (held behind the back row of chairs), to try and hang out with them. (They ignored him – he came back – probably good practice for later life!).

Enough of my failings and other general musings, the Music Makers sessions for next week will be as follows:

  • Monday 19th June 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in Studio 2 at The Edge 
  • Wednesday 21st 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in Studio 2 at The Edge 
  • Thursday 22nd 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in the Youth Centre at St Clement’s

I hope to see you all along at some point.

Big Changes to Music Makers Timetable

Dear all,

The Grand Sign-Up Session Experiment is over!

Basically this seemed like an excellent idea on paper but not enough people transferred interest into attendance. (A really big thank you to everyone who did join the Sign-Up sessions. I know we all really enjoyed them. Thanks for being part of them). So starting on Monday 24th April, we’re going to run with six open sessions per week. Come to whatever you want, when you want. We’re going to go strongly with our USP – as stated repeatedly by you lot – namely, we’re one of the few baby/toddler groups, where no pre-booking or subscription is required.

I’ll be in touch again before we start back, with details for next term.
I hope everyone has a good Easter break, see you all at the end of the month.

Almost there

Dear all,
We’ve only got two weeks of our 2016 offering left to go. Where does the time go? This morning Katy and I made our annual trip to B&Q for the Christmas tree. This year we went for a traditional needle tree. It’ll make the front room smell great every morning for the next ten days or so but the trade-off is that it’ll then drop every single needle all over the carpet. You pays your money and makes your choice etc. etc. …

The Music Makers sessions for next week will be as follows:

  • Monday 5th December 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Wednesday 7th 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Thursday 8th 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 in the Youth Centre at St Clement’s

Session Types and Times:

  • Monday 9:30 to 10:30 Sign-Up Session The Edge
  • Monday 10:45 to 11:45 Open Session The Edge
  • Wednesday 9:30 to 10:30 Open Session The Edge
  • Wednesday 10:45 to 11:45 Sign-Up Session The Edge
  • Thursday 9:30 to 10:30 Open Session St Clement’s
  • Thursday 10:45 to 11:45 Sign-Up Session St Clement’s

I asked for some feedback about our new Sign-Up sessions, this is what people had to say:

“Owen’s Music Makers is amazing and the sign-up classes are never too busy so it means we have all gotten the chance to get to know each other as it’s the same familiar faces we see every week! Owen is fantastic with the babies and children and makes a real effort to get to know them all by name and plays them all a solo piece at the end of class which they absolutely love! Luckily for us, Owen never makes you feel guilty if you turn up late and the new book-in-advance classes mean that you don’t have to commit to paying for a full term at once as Owen understands that sometimes you have to miss a class or two with babies- they don’t always play ball when it comes to getting places on time or at all!”

“All the familiar faces at our sign-up group means my toddler is really coming out of her shell. More room to march and dance makes mum happy too.”

Sign-Up sessions have an upper limit on numbers so they’ll never be too full. If you’d like more info please feel free to get in touch: owenlittle9 AT 07970 956575 or message me on Facebook.

See you all next week.

Booking for next half term opens today

We’re going to a six session timetable after half term. The session times are detailed on the Little Music Makers page.
We’re shifting away from every session having a pay on the door option. Half of the new timetable will be “Sign-Up” sessions. The split is as follows:
Sign- Up Sessions:
Monday 9.30 to 10.30, Wednesday 10.45 to 11.45 and Thursday 10.45 to 11.45 will be Sign-Up Sessions.
Pay on the Door Sessions:
Monday 10.45 to 11.45, Wednesday 9.30 to 10.30 and Thursday 9.30 to 10.30 will be Pay on the Door Sessions.
Why are we making these changes?
Over the course of the first half of this term, our Monday, Wednesday and 10.45 Thursday sessions have all ended up being jam packed on different occasions. We need to try and do something about the feast or famine nature of things, hence our new Sign-Up Sessions.
How will Sign-Up Sessions work?
They will have a restricted number of places available, allocated on a first come, first served basis, booking to open at 10am on Saturday 22nd October.
There are seven Music Maker weeks in the next half of this term. To secure a place for a Sign-Up Sessions you will need to pay up front for a certain number of sessions.

There will be two different models of payment for Sign-Up Sessions.
1) Minimum payment for five sessions in order to secure your place. (We will run a “register” sign in sheet at these sessions, if you come to more than five you will just pay for the extra two sessions on a weekly basis).
2) Alternatively, there will be a discount subscription offer for the whole seven sessions.
(Each Sign-Up Session will be limited to those on its register, but you will be able to attend Pay on the Door Sessions if you need to).
Pay on the Door Sessions will continue to operate as they do now.
We’ll be trying this new system out for at least two half term periods. I know that there are people who don’t mind a crowd but equally there are people who really don’t like it. I’m hoping that this new system will accommodate everybody’s preference.
There’s bound to be questions arising out of all this so please feel free to message/email/phone me if you have any queries.

That’s all, folks – until September!

Thanks to everyone who has made it along to the Summer Music sessions. We’ll be taking a break now until September. Given Inset Days and the varying start dates of new terms, we’ll get going again in the week commencing Monday 12th September. (Contact me if you want a ‘term time leaflet’ with all the details).

That’s it for now – thanks again for joining us in a very successful summer of music-making.



Successful summer venue

Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who made it along last week. It’s always a bit stressy for me when we use a new space so it was great to get positive feedback about how things felt in the Main Theatre at The Edge. We have a much bigger space for Summer Monday Music Sessions so we can cope with the drop from four to two sessions. Why not come along and check out Summer Mondays? During the summer holidays the group Owen’s Little Music Makers will be meeting on Monday 25th July, Mondays 1st , 8th and 15th August. First session 9:30, second session 10:45.

A different dynamic:

It was great to welcome back some older siblings and to see how people have changed and grown. Summer Mondays definitely have their own vibe, with people making it along whenever they can. I hope we’re a chilled out part of people’s summer.

I hope you can make it along soon.



Summer Mondays are here

Hello everyone,
Firstly, thank you all for making the past year such a success. Good luck to everyone who’s off to start Nursery and school, welcome to all our newcomers.
Reports keep coming in of little people making “violins” and playing them at home (the latest version is apparently a couple of sticks from the garden – we’ve had ukuleles and even a fire engine appearing under chins and played with wooden spoons before, but two sticks? We’re really getting minimalist now!).
Anyway, down to business: Monday 25th is the first of four “Summer Monday” Music Makers sessions. All details are copied below. Just to say, we have over twice our normal space for these sessions. Two carpets, twice as many chairs and shakers, plus our new high watt blue tooth speaker, so bring it on. We’re usually the only thing running during the summer so if you’ve got friends at a loose end, pass the word around. I frequently get asked about older siblings coming along, that’s absolutely fine as long as you’re prepared to keep them engaged with what we’re doing.
I hope to see you all at some point over the summer.

  • when: 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 on Monday 25th July, Mondays 1st , 8th and 15th August.
  • where: Main Theatre, The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre, Manchester Road, Chorlton. M21 9JG (In the grounds of the Methodist Church)
  • what: led on the violin by professional musician Owen Little, and based around well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. An opportunity for parents and children to make music together in a supportive, fun and relaxed environment.

Last ‘term time’ dates

These are the final Music Makers sessions of the 2015/16 academic year. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to a great year.

Little Music Makers sessions for the final week of the Summer Term will be as follows:

  • Monday 18th July 9.30 to 10.30 in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Wednesday 20th 10.30 to 11.30 in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Thursday 21st 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 in the Youth Centre at St Clement’s