I mucked up last week!

Dear all,
If you were around last Monday you won’t be aware of this but I mucked up the link for Wednesday in the Facebook event. Sorry Wednesday people who couldn’t tune in! I’ve since taken actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I’ve reprimanded the secretary – that’d be me. I’ve issued a severe warning to head of quality control – that’d be me. And I’ve flagged up the appalling lack of ability shown to the MD – that’d be me. I called a board meeting with myself, (which was unfortunately attended by Katy, whose offer to replace me forthwith showed an astounding lack solidarity), and decided to issue the CEO, that’d be me – with a written warning outlining expectations relating to future performance. Apart from that it’s been a quiet week around here. (Safe to say the links are now being very carefully checked before anything goes out!)
Please find the links for the sessions this week below. If you want a birthday celebrating, a general shout out, or specific song requests, please let us know by 9.00am on the day of a session. (owenlittle9 AT gmail.com 07970 956575)

Monday 11th May at 10am

Wednesday 13th May at 10am

Friday 15th May at 10am

Block Bookings: If you think you’re using block bookings to take part in/pay for these sessions, please remember to let me know so that I can keep track of things. Thanks in advance.
We ask for a minimum contribution of £3 for these sessions. Payment details at the bottom of this email/post. Please don’t pay until after the session has streamed successfully, but please do remember to pay at some point. Thanks in advance.
I look forward to “seeing” you all at some point next week. I hope everyone is staying safe and well.
Payment Details:
Please wait until we’ve successfully completed the session before paying. I would ask for a minimum contribution of £3 for these sessions. Preferably via PayPal to the following account:
N.B. if using Paypal, please DO NOT tick the box “paying for goods or a service”. This is in effect an insurance when you’re buying something to be delivered and PayPal take a cut of the money you pay me for this.
Alternatively please pay via Bacs into my account:

Mr O J Little
Sort Code 56 00 23
Account no. 46974156

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