Amusing feedback

Dear all, A light hearted look at things this week. It seems that changing over to making the live streams public and searchable/findable on Owen’s Little Music Makers YouTube channel – without the need for links, has hit the spot. We received the following message this week: “I tried to show “x” the live stream […]

I mucked up last week!

Dear all, If you were around last Monday you won’t be aware of this but I mucked up the link for Wednesday in the Facebook event. Sorry Wednesday people who couldn’t tune in! I’ve since taken actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I’ve reprimanded the secretary – that’d be me. I’ve issued a […]

Mick Jaguar and Fab Mouse coming your way

Dear all, Not only those two characters but also Mike the Microphone. If this all goes on much longer everything will have a name, my daughter will have taken over the show entirely and I’ll be in my dotage somewhere! For the last three weeks we’ve managed to stream live sessions with good audio and […]