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Dear all,
Right at the bottom of this post you’ll find 3 access links for our virtual sessions next week. Same rules as last week. Let us know if you’re watching from far away so we can give you a shout out. If there’s a birthday we need to cover please let us know about that as well. If you contact us before 9am on the day in question, we’ll do our best to get everything done. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for all the positive feedback from last Thursday’s debut virtual Music Makers. Having viewed things back, I was very concerned about the image quality during the first half. Luckily I have a friend who is one of the heads of programming for Red Hat (Europe) – the guys who run the Linux operating systems that are used by businesses globally. The problems we had aren’t to do with what we’re producing at this end, and they’re not to do with the internet connection at your end. I’ll try and explain this clearly but briefly: Everyone globally is on the internet. Rather than drop people’s connections, every server – in our case Google/YouTube, are cutting band width to try and keep everything running. Hence good audio but bad picture in the first half. When things improved in the second half we just randomly got allocated more band width. This is a set of variables beyond our control. (It’s not the case at all that more people necessarily mean worse picture – you might get allocated more band width if more people are watching). The long and short of it is that in the present circumstances there’s nothing we can do about it, and everyone is in the same boat. We keep going and doing our best.
Payment details are listed below, but please note two things: 1) Please don’t pay until you’ve completed the session you joined. 2) Paypal payments: please DO NOT tick the box “paying for goods or a service”. This is in effect an insurance when you’re buying something to be delivered. In our case you’ve just watched/received the goods you’re paying for so you don’t need to insure against their “non-delivery”. When you tick that box I lose a 5th of the £3 you’ve paid me. Thanks in advance.
Payment: As many of you are aware, as a freelance musician, I lost most of my income a couple of weeks ago. I’ve worked my socks off to get my teaching online, and now to launch Virtual Music Makers. We’ve run successfully on the principle of trusting people for over seven years now, and I intend to do the same with these virtual sessions.

Please wait until we’ve successfully completed the session before paying. I would ask for a minimum contribution of £3 for these sessions. Preferably via PayPal to the following account:

Alternatively please pay via Bacs into my account:

Mr O J Little
Sort Code 56 00 23
Account no. 46974156

Please do note the following – this is important to me: If you are self-employed and suffering similarly catastrophic loss of income as most freelance musicians, please don’t feel obliged to pay for these sessions.

If you are on a block booking for regular sessions and you want to use them for the virtual sessions, please contact me and let me know each time you attend and I’ll keep a record of things.

Monday 6th April at 10am

Wednesday 8th April at 10am

Friday 10th April at 10am

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