Owen’s Little Music Makers Online Debut

Here’s the link to the first ever virtual Music Makers session, live streaming at 10am tomorrow, Thursday 2nd April 2020.


Things to note. The online world is a minefield from a safe-guarding point of view. YouTube streaming is the most safeguarding-compliant option I’ve been able to identify. Unfortunately, as we have to state that our live stream is aimed at a child audience, we cannot have a live chat feature running. So, if there’s any birthdays or other shout outs we need to get done tomorrow, please let me know no later than 9am tomorrow. We’ll do what we can. Similarly, if you’re going to join us from anywhere other than Manchester, please drop us a line to let us know where you are.

Feedback please. We’ve worked very hard to try and get the best product we can together. (If you haven’t got several squillion pounds to throw at the problem, turning your average living room into a broadcast studio isn’t that easy!) We need to know that what we’re doing is ok.

Payment: As many of you are aware, as a freelance musician, I ceased to be employed a couple of weeks ago. I’ve worked my socks off to get my teaching online, and now to launch Virtual Music Makers. We’ve run successfully on the principle of trusting people for over seven years now, and I intend to do the same with these virtual sessions.

Please wait until we’ve successfully completed the session before paying. I would ask for a minimum contribution of £3 for these sessions. Preferably via PayPal to the following account:


Alternatively please pay via BACS into my account:

Mr O J Little
Sort Code 56 00 23
Account no. 46974156

Please do note the following – this is important to me: If you are self-employed and suffering a similarly catastrophic loss of income as most freelance musicians, please don’t feel obliged to pay for these sessions.

If you are on a block booking for regular sessions and you want to use them for the virtual sessions, please contact me and let me know each time you attend and I’ll keep a record of things.

I think that’s everything for now. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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