Music Makers – KBO!!!

Dear all, If you haven’t come across that acronym before it’s from Churchill. He used to suffer from depression, he called it “the Black Dog”. Whenever things got tough he used to say to himself, “KBO, KBO”. It means “Keep B*ggering On”. I don’t know about anyone else but the reality of this situation is […]

The show goes on – virtually

Dear all, On we go in the strange virtual world. I’m beginning to miss the physical reality of seeing people. However, all your feedback about what we’re doing keeps us on our toes and is a reminder that we’re not just playing and singing to ourselves in the front room! Please find the links for […]

Happy Easter and what a strange old world!

Dear all, I never imagined that I’d ever be saying this, (since to do this at any time over the past seven years would have been business suicide!), we are running a session tomorrow on Easter Monday, as well as on Wednesday and Friday this week. It just struck us here that since our target […]

Image Quality – it’s not your connection

Dear all, Right at the bottom of this post you’ll find 3 access links for our virtual sessions next week. Same rules as last week. Let us know if you’re watching from far away so we can give you a shout out. If there’s a birthday we need to cover please let us know about […]

Owen’s Little Music Makers Online Debut

Here’s the link to the first ever virtual Music Makers session, live streaming at 10am tomorrow, Thursday 2nd April 2020. Things to note. The online world is a minefield from a safe-guarding point of view. YouTube streaming is the most safeguarding-compliant option I’ve been able to identify. Unfortunately, as we have to state that […]