Senior Moments and Young Guns

Senior Moment:
So I almost metaphorically dropped the baby last Wednesday.

I turn up to set up – loads of time – feeling un-stressed – until one of my worst possible nightmare scenarios starts to manifest itself. I don’t have the tablet computer that plays the music with me! Massive adrenalin dump, full-on panic. I dive into the car and return to Stretford to get the device, it’s not to be found. On my way back to Chorlton I frantically try to download relevant music playing app onto my phone. (No, I had never properly “disaster planned” for this scenario – doh!!). The app on phone works – thank goodness – session starts a couple of minutes late, with me a frazzled wreck, trying to look calm. Then of course, half way through the session – after having played the dance music via my phone – the *!^*$%^”** tablet device miraculously “re-materialises” under the big carrying bag next to the bluetooth player.

I felt like retiring to a darkened room and ignoring the world for the rest of the day. C’est la vie!
Young Gun:
At the other end of the human life cycle, it’s fantastic to see so many people growing up so fast! This was epitomised at last Thursday’s late session by a certain young chap – who last time I looked was hardly mobile – strolling over to the three year old female youth club, (held behind the back row of chairs), to try and hang out with them. (They ignored him – he came back – probably good practice for later life!).

Enough of my failings and other general musings, the Music Makers sessions for next week will be as follows:

  • Monday 19th June 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in Studio 2 at The Edge 
  • Wednesday 21st 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in Studio 2 at The Edge 
  • Thursday 22nd 9.30 to 10.30, and 10.45 to 11.45, both in the Youth Centre at St Clement’s

I hope to see you all along at some point.

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