Summer Mondays are here

Hello everyone,
Firstly, thank you all for making the past year such a success. Good luck to everyone who’s off to start Nursery and school, welcome to all our newcomers.
Reports keep coming in of little people making “violins” and playing them at home (the latest version is apparently a couple of sticks from the garden – we’ve had ukuleles and even a fire engine appearing under chins and played with wooden spoons before, but two sticks? We’re really getting minimalist now!).
Anyway, down to business: Monday 25th is the first of four “Summer Monday” Music Makers sessions. All details are copied below. Just to say, we have over twice our normal space for these sessions. Two carpets, twice as many chairs and shakers, plus our new high watt blue tooth speaker, so bring it on. We’re usually the only thing running during the summer so if you’ve got friends at a loose end, pass the word around. I frequently get asked about older siblings coming along, that’s absolutely fine as long as you’re prepared to keep them engaged with what we’re doing.
I hope to see you all at some point over the summer.

  • when: 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 on Monday 25th July, Mondays 1st , 8th and 15th August.
  • where: Main Theatre, The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre, Manchester Road, Chorlton. M21 9JG (In the grounds of the Methodist Church)
  • what: led on the violin by professional musician Owen Little, and based around well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. An opportunity for parents and children to make music together in a supportive, fun and relaxed environment.

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