Summer term start for Little Music Makers

Calling all Little Music Makers!

I hope everyone had a good Easter break. Katy – my seven year old daughter – and I went on a four day road trip and we had a great time.

Little Music Makers sessions for next week will be as follows:

  • Monday 18th April 9.30 to 10.30 in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Wednesday 20th 10.30 to 11.30 in Studio 2 at The Edge
  • Thursday 21st 9.30 to 10.30 and 10.45 to 11.45 in the Youth Centre at St Clement’s

Here goes with the complicated bit:

Subscriptions – two different versions:

I’m not going to copy Subscription Details into this message x2 – it would get too complicated. If you want to subscribe and have my bank details stored already please feel free to do things that way – (please remember to include your Surname and post code as a ref) – otherwise I’ll have paper copies of all subs details with me at this week’s sessions. As usual it might take a couple of weeks to get all the subscriptions in and sorted – that’s fine.

Monday people – we’re on a five week run through to half term. We have two sessions, 18th and 25th April, then a week off again for May Bank Holiday. Therefore Monday subs rates for a five week period are: One Child £17.00, Two Children £25.00, Three Children £33.00.

Wednesday and Thursday people – We’re on a straight six week run through to half term so the subs rates for a six week period are : One Child £20.00, Two Children £30.00, Three Children £40.00.

I know some people can only make it along on a specific day, but if you’re usually a Monday person but know that you’ll come along on Wednesday or Thursday in the Bank Holiday week, please pay a six week subscription.

I hope that all makes sense. We will of course be offering a pay on the door option as usual.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and getting going again.



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